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Forest Trends in partnership with the Yawanawa Sociocultural Association, TUCUM, and the Artisan Alliance are joining forces to support the artisanal work of the Yawanawa women, purchase their beautiful work here.


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Stewards of the Forest


Nestled deep in the Brazilian Amazon along the Peruvian border, the state of Acre contains about 15 million hectares of land – most of which remains pristine virgin rainforest. It’s also home to thousands of indigenous people, who serve an invaluable role as stewards of the Amazonian rainforest.


Supporting these communities is essential if we are to keep forests standing in places like Acre and, in turn, move closer to both preserving their cultural heritage and achieving global climate goals. The indigenous Yawanawa community is a group of about 1,250 people living in nine villages spread across a vast forest territory in this region.


Forest Trends’ Communities Initiative has been working with the Yawanawa people for the past 10 years in managing their 200,000 h.a. of pristine rainforest territory. A year ago, Forest Trends’ Communities Initiative,  began working with the Yawanawa people to create and publish a landmark document, the Yawanawa Life Plan. This living document not only recounts their history, it also lays out a vision for the future governance of their homelands, one which promotes conservation and community well-being. The Life Plan helps lay a path for the Yawanawa  to improve the preservation of their cultural heritage and also for achieving global climate goals. Together, and with other partners such as AVEDA, NativeEnergyUSAID and the IKEA Foundation we are supporting the Yawanawa in the  implementation of their Life Plan.  


Coming together to create and publish this Life Plan was a huge milestone for the Yawanawa and their partnership with Forest Trends’ Communities Initiative.


Stay tuned for the release of the full-length video and join us at the launch in Climate Week on September 20.


Date and Time: September 20 at 4 pm
Location: Rockefeller Foundation
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Learn more here...


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