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Publication Thumbnail: The UK Modern Slavery Act and EU Timber Regulation The UK Modern Slavery Act and EU Timber Regulation

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Publication Thumbnail: Regulating the Trade in Illegal Timber Regulating the Trade in Illegal Timber

Together, the US, EU28 and Australian markets, alongside the...


Publication Details - Indigenous Economic Enterprises (2)

Indigenous Economic Enterprises (2)

Emprendimientos Económicos Indígenas (2)







The community should be the starting point of indigenous economic endeavors, which should seek to strengthen organizational structures and territorial governance. To achieve these goals, the community must evaluate the lessons learned in these endeavors and think of new ways of building knowledge.
La comunidad debe ser el punto de partida de los emprendimientos económicos indígenas, estos deberían fortalecer las estructuras organizativas y la gobernanza territorial. Para alcanzar estos logros, se debe evaluar los aprendizajes de esta iniciativa y también buscar nuevas formas de construir conocimiento.


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