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Publication Details - Xưởng Xẻ Gỗ Hộ Gia Đình Trong Bối Cảnh FLEGT-VPA

Xưởng Xẻ Gỗ Hộ Gia Đình Trong Bối Cảnh FLEGT-VPA


Đặng Việt Quang, Quách Hồng Nhung, Phạm Đức Thiềng, Nguyễn Thanh Tùng, Cao Thị Cẩm - Forest Trends, GIZ, VIFORES






In collaboration with GIZ, Forest Trends conducted case studies on small-scale sawmill operations in Vietnam’s northeast, central highlands, and coastal areas. The study examined sawmills that process timber from plantation forests, natural forests, and imported sources. Findings reveal that there are legal loopholes in small-scale sawmill regulations along with weak law enforcement on the ground. As a result, small-scale sawmills often serve as a nexus for illegal timber to enter the supply chain, especially in the case of wood from natural forests.


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Release Date: February 2015
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Parent Document: Vietnam's Small-Scale Sawmills in the Context of the FLEGT-VPA


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