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Publication Details - Forest Certification in Myanmar

Forest Certification in Myanmar

Forest Trends Information Brief No. 3


Kerstin Canby - Forest Trends






The easing of diplomatic and financial sanctions on Myanmar has sparked western interest in investment and trade opportunities. Interest in the export of world famous “Burmese teak” has led buyers from the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia to ask questions about whether logs or timber exported out of Myanmar are legal or sustainable, as well as what the prospects are that they can be verified as legal or certified sustainable in the future. This Forest Trends Information Brief provides a summary of the status of initiatives related to forest certification in Myanmar. Myanmar currently does not have any internationally recognized certification standard, such as FSC, although the country has had a long history of scientific forest management and has engaged in several domestic and regional initiatives that could serve as a positive foundation to those seeking to establish certification programs in Myanmar. It is important to note, however, that these existing Myanmar forest management systems have been focused on timber products sourced from officially designated forest production areas, and not timber products emanating from the clearance of forest areas (“conversion timber”) for agriculture or infrastructure (which are now probably the largest source of natural timber in Myanmar). The Information Brief (September 2012) summarizes and updates a chapter in Forest Trends publication “Myanmar: Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade” written by Kevin Woods and Kerstin Canby with the support of EFI. http://www.forest-trends.org/publication_details.php?publicationID=3159


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Release Date: September 2012
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