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Publication Details - Budongo-Bugoma Landscape REDD+ Project

Budongo-Bugoma Landscape REDD+ Project

Feasibility Assessment


Johannes Ebeling, Sara Namirembe - Forest Trends






This potential REDD+ project aims to reduce deforestation and degradation and to promote regeneration of forests in the Budongo-Bugoma landscape in Western Uganda. It would mainly focus on a mosaic of private and community forests in 3 districts (Hoima, Kibaale, and Kyenjojo). Approximately 90,000 ha of high forest and 120,000 ha of woodland remain in the landscape outside protected areas, predominantly in small patches of up to several 100 ha. The region is characterized by rapid conversion of these remaining forest fragments to subsistence and small-scale commercial agriculture (including sugar cane and tobacco). In addition, forests are being severely degraded through increasingly indiscriminate unsustainable logging, wood pole harvest and sub-canopy agriculture. These activities also prevent forest recovery.


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