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We are currently engaged in a number of  biodiversity-rich countries, working to support the development of policy  frameworks for no net loss of biodiversity across all sectors of the  economy. For example:

Over the last decade, Forest Trends' Biodiversity Initiative  has been directly engaged with 20 governments and 17 companies and numerous  banks in developing no net loss and biodiversity mitigation programs.

  • Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique and Uganda: As part of the COMBO  project with  WCS and Biotope, Forest Trends is helping the governments identify, analyze and  introduce no net loss policies and develop compensation mechanisms with  companies. This will improve mitigation and help fund agreed conservation  priorities.
  • Peru has committed to a No Net Loss policy and is establishing the institutions and  mechanisms to implement it. Forest Trends has been a key advisor in this  process.  
  • Papua New Guinea, with help from Forest  Trends, is exploring options for new and improved systems of mitigation  (including biodiversity offsets) that will support the rights and livelihoods  of customary landowners, offer clarity to developers and help build the  protected area system.
  • Sabah's  Forestry Department is working with support from Forest Trends to design and  implement a Net Gain policy framework in this Malaysian State with its  incredible biodiversity.

We welcome the  opportunity to work with other motivated governments, companies, financial institutions  and conservation organizations seeking to adapt successful models for no net  loss resource use and green growth.

Contact us at  pmaguire (at) forest-trends.org

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