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The 4th Potomac Forum on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

Event Overview

The 4th Potomac Forum on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

May 04, 2011

Washington DC, United States
World Bank J-building

As in previous years, the objective of the Potomac Forum is to develop a better understanding of the issues, different perspectives and different initiatives currently being taken by governments, industry, and NGOs related to the global trade of legally sourced wood products. The main focus continues to be on issues that are pertinent to U.S.-based organizations and markets. This can include international developments in both producer and manufacturing countries exporting to the U.S. (e.g. Indonesia, China) or consumer countries importing US-produced wood products (e.g. China, Europe). The Potomac Forum is now seen as an important location for U.S. stakeholders to gather for the latest information and to network. Past speakers have included Senator Wyden (D-Oregon), Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), and UK’s (now former) Minister of Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs Barry Gardiner.

This year the meeting focused on the lessons learned during the more than 2 years since the U.S. Lacey Act was amended in 2008, and new information on the EU Timber Regulation which was passed in late 2010 and set to come into force in early 2013.

Agenda and Presentations

Welcome and Introduction

Michael Jenkins, President, Forest Trends
Juergen Voegele, Director, Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank


Session 1: 2 Years of Experience with Lacey Act & Other US Government Initiatives


Overview & Update of the US Government Initiatives
Chip Barber, US Department of State


Panel Elinor Colbourn, US Department of Justice
David Oliver, US Trade Representative Office
Shelley Gardner, US Forest Service International Programs
Alicia Grimes, US Agency for International Development
Craig Fedchock, USDA APHIS

 Panel Presentation

Session 2: Europe Reports

Chair: Tuukka Castrén, World Bank

EU Timber Regulation (2010)
Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit, International Affairs, Trade and Environment, European Commission


Perspective from European Traders

André de Boer, European Timber Trade Federation


How EU and US Policies Interact: Reflections on Indonesia’s Example
Andrea Johnson, EIA


Session 3: Country Reports

Chair: Al Goetzl, US International Trade Commission

Quick Overview of China and Mekong countries: Domestic Consumption and Conversion Timber
Kerstin Canby, Forest Trends


China Legality Verification Systems


Illegal Logging in Sarawak, Malaysia: Implications for Lacey Act
Sam Lawson, Earthsight

Forest Enterprises in Honduras: Meeting Due Diligence Requirements
Ramon Alvarez Lazzaroni, Forestal-Agronomo (Honduras)

Presentation  &  Notes

Response from Development Agencies: World Bank
Tuukka Castrén, World Bank


Session 4: Role of Certification & Legality Standards
Chair: Joeseph Lawson, MeadWestvaco

Response of Forest Certification Systems to Changing Legal Requirements

Sara Price, PEFC


Phil Guillery, FSC

Nadine Block, SFI


Session 5: New Technologies
Chair: Shelly Gardner, USFS International Programs

Technologies for Timber Identification
Bernd Degen, Johann Heinrich von Thuenen-Institute

A Case Example: Fiber Analysis of Paper
Ruth Noguerón & Adam Grant, World Resources Institute



Session 6 : Impacts of Lacey, EU Timber Regulation, retailer demands and public procurement policies

Chair: Alexander von Bismarck, EIA

Perspective from US Producer
Joe Lawson, MeadeWestvaco

Perspective from Printing and Publishing Industries
Suzanne Morgan, Print Buyers Online.com & Print Communications Professionals International

Incorporating Sustainable Practices in Furniture Production for Directions East :2008-2011
Tom Megna, Directions East Inc.

A Wood Importer Perspective on the Expansion of the Lacey Act
Christian Mengel, independent

Gerhard Dieterle, Senior Forests Advisor, World Bank
Kerstin Canby, Director, Forest Trade & Finance, Forest Trends

Speaker Bios


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