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Tanzania Workshop

Event Overview

Tanzania Workshop

March 01, 2009

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

From March 1-3, the Katoomba Group held a scoping workshop for an analysis of the legal, policy and institutional frameworks that impact the development of forest carbon (including REDD) projects in Tanzania. Over the course of three days, eight participants met to outline an analysis of current constraints, opportunities, and needs related to project development. The main objectives of the scoping study will be to develop a set of generic forest carbon project situations and, for each, identify the main legal, institutional and policy constraints or opportunities to project development and marketing of carbon credits. The main output of this scoping study will be a report of 15-25 pages plus annexes to be presented to key REDD stakeholders. The report will: provide a pre-feasibility analysis of the potential for sub-national REDD and other forest carbon options in Tanzania, especially those involving communities; identify key legal, policy and institutional constraints and options for project development; and provide short profiles of some high potential forest carbon projects. A short briefing paper for national policy makers will also be produced.

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