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First Update Meeting on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

Event Overview

First Update Meeting on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

March 08, 2007

Washington, DC, USA

The goal of this meeting is for participants to develop a better understanding of the issues, different perspectives and different initiatives currently being undertaken by governments, industry and NGOs. Our ultimate goal is to foster a constructive network of stakeholders interested in working on this issue. The main focus will be on issues that are pertinent to US-based organizations and markets. This can include international developments in both producer and manufacturing countries exporting to the US (e.g. Indonesia, China) or consumer countries importing US-produced wood products (e.g. China, Europe).

    For more information, contact Jordan Sauer at jsauer@forest-trends.org.


    Overview of the President's Initiative Against Illegal Logging (PIAIL)
    by Stephanie Caswell , US Department of State


    Activities of the US Forest Service Office of International Programs
    by Alex Moad, USDA Forest Service, International Programs


    From the Forest to the Suburbs: Responsible Wood Production Chains in Latin America
    by Steve Gretzinger, World Wildlife Fund


    Imported Wood: An Established Chain of Legality
    by Brent McClendon, International Wood Products Association


    The US Forest Industry: Combating `Illegal` Logging
    by Mike Virga, American Forest and Paper Association


    Stemming the Flow of Illegal Wood: Experience form Indonesia and the Region
    by Jack Hurd, The Nature Conservancy 


    Recent Initiatives and Trends in Europe: The EU FLEGT Action Plan, European Government Procurement Policies and Legislative Options Under Consideration
    by Duncan Brack, Chatham House


    EU Demand for Verified Legal and Sustainable Timber
    by Rupert Oliver, Forest Industries Intelligence, Ltd


    US Hardwood Exports and International Procurement Policies
    by Jameson French, Northland Forest Products


    China and the Global Market for Forest Products
    by Kerstin Canby, Forest Trends 


    Supply Chain Management: Experience with Chinese Mills
    by Scott Poynton, Tropical Forest Trust


    The GLOBE G8 Dialogue on Illegal Logging
    by Mike Packer, GLOBE International


    FLEG Initiatives Supported by the World Bank
    by Tapani Oksanen, World Bank


    Survey for Participants

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