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Promoting Trade of Sustainable and Legal Wood in China

Event Overview

Promoting Trade of Sustainable and Legal Wood in China

September 22, 2006

Beijing, China

The trade in unknown- or illegally-sourced wood products has become an internationally recognized problem over the past few years. Ministerial-level declarations such as the Bali Declaration and St. Petersburg Declaration have signaled both consumer and producer governments' commitment to combat illegal logging and associated trade. Major international institutions such as the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and the World Bank have developed work programs to support governments and other institutions institute measures to combat this trade. Several Chinese institutions and researchers have been working on this issue. This meeting is to convene all those who are working on some aspect of the trade of unknown / illegally sourced wood products to share information about their work programs, share experience and findings, and to explore complements and avoid duplication in the future.


    Forest Trends' Relevant Work Program
    by Kerstin Canby, Forest Trends


    The Nature Conservancy's Work Relevant to Green Wood Procurement
    by Chen Xiaoqian, TNC

    Experiences with Russia-China Softwood Commodity Chain Analysis
    by Song Weiming & Cheng Baodong, Beijing Forestry University


    WWF's relevant program
    by Dong Ke & An Yan, WWF China


    Greenpeace's program on illegal logging and associated trade
    by Dong Wan, Greenpeace China


    Lessons Learned from Supply Chain Management and the Tropical Forest Trust Workprogram as it Relates to China
    by Hugh Blackett, Tropical Forest Trust 


    The Chatham House Dialogue on Illegal Logging: Is this an Option for China?
    by Jade Saunders, Chatham House/Royal Institute of International Affairs

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