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Deepening Collaboration: Aligning Private Sector and Government Commitments to Tackle Deforestation

When it comes to reducing deforestation, companies and national governments tend to operate in their respective silos. Effectively reducing forest loss, however, will require collaboration between both corporations and governments. According to a recently published report, Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation: Aligning Corporate and National Commitments in Brazil and Indonesia, companies and governments are beginning to work together toward their shared goals of reducing deforestation.

Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation

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The report presents case studies that explore …

A Path for Forests and the Planet

On November 19, the 22nd Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 22) ended in Marrakesh. It was at COP 21, just last December, in Paris that 195 countries came together to adopt the historic agreement to mobilize global action against climate change. Many called it the most important treaty ever. Working at the front lines, Forest Trends fought to ensure that forests were at the center of the Paris Agreement, and …

Supply Change 2016 Findings Report Webinar Q&A: Decoding Corporate Commitments to Reduce Deforestation

With the world’s attention trained on climate as governments begin ratifying the Paris Agreement in greater numbers, more and more companies are stepping up to the plate to do their part by minimizing the harmful impact of their operations on the world’s most crucial carbon sponges – forests. The newest report from Forest Trends’ Supply Change project – Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforesation-free Supply Chains, 2016 – tracks progress on 579 corporate commitments to reduce forest destruction tied to …

A Tale of Burgers and Buns: Taking a Bite out of Deforestation

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Nearly 400 commodity-based companies have promised to stop harvesting soy, beef, palm, and pulp and paper in ways that drive deforestation, but an analysis of companies tracked by the Forest Trends Supply-Change.org initiative shows that just 35% of them make it possible to track their progress. This must change if real progress is to be achieved.

Deconstruct a hamburger, and what have you got? Beef – maybe from Paraguay – on a

As Corporates Embrace Certification to Save Forests, DC Panel Explores Realities of Implementation

Hundreds of companies from around the world have pledged to purge forest-killing activities from their supply chains, and most aim to deliver by embracing certification programs. At Wednesday’s ISEAL Conference in DC, panelists will take stock of what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Companies across the globe are instituting commitments and implementing plans for how to remove deforestation from the production of commodities – principally, palm, soy, timber & pulp and cattle. Forest Trends’ project Supply-Change.org has currently identified and …

FT Recap: Emphasis on Forests Continues During Day Two at COP21

Day Two at the international climate conference here in Paris (COP21) featured another key announcement that under normal circumstances could have been expected at the end of these two-week long negotiations. Similar to the announcement by governments of Germany, Norway, and the UK on Day One, this announcement also featured forest protection as a central element, but came from the corporate side. Two influential players of the private sector, Marks and Spencer (M&S) and Unilever, pledged to ensure that their …