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Deepening Collaboration: Aligning Private Sector and Government Commitments to Tackle Deforestation

When it comes to reducing deforestation, companies and national governments tend to operate in their respective silos. Effectively reducing forest loss, however, will require collaboration between both corporations and governments. According to a recently published report, Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation: Aligning Corporate and National Commitments in Brazil and Indonesia, companies and governments are beginning to work together toward their shared goals of reducing deforestation.

Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation

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The report presents case studies that explore …

Exiting the Paris Agreement Doesn’t Make America Great

Yesterday’s decision by the US administration to exit the Paris Climate Agreement will not make America or the world great. It is a decision that ignores basic science and turns its back to the global efforts to fight climate change. The Paris Agreement, by design, provides flexibility that the US could have used, if it had concerns about specific aspects of the agreement, such as lowering the costs by allowing the use of market mechanisms like cap-and-trade.

The US exit …

How to Reconcile Development and Conservation? Start by Thinking “Net Positive”

The variety and abundance of life on earth is astounding, beautiful, and essential to all of us. We rely on biodiversity daily for medicines, food, and countless useful products, and to regulate natural systems by purifying the air we breathe, regulating water, pollinating crops, creating and stabilizing soil, protecting us from floods and disasters, and helping us adapt to climate change.

But there’s a problem: species are going extinct 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than during periods when humans were …

The Missing Link in Protecting Forests

What’s the biggest missing link in finding the money needed to protect forests?

It’s not political will or public finance – though more is certainly needed – nor is it formal UN recognition of their importance; forests achieved that last December in Paris. What’s missing is the untapped power of the private sector.

One of the big surprises that came out of the Paris Agreement was the explicit recognition of the key role that forests (and land use, including agriculture) …