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Exiting the Paris Agreement Doesn’t Make America Great

Yesterday’s decision by the US administration to exit the Paris Climate Agreement will not make America or the world great. It is a decision that ignores basic science and turns its back to the global efforts to fight climate change. The Paris Agreement, by design, provides flexibility that the US could have used, if it had concerns about specific aspects of the agreement, such as lowering the costs by allowing the use of market mechanisms like cap-and-trade.

The US exit …

The Next Challenge – How to Make the Paris Agreement Work

Paris gave us the blueprint and the political signal

As important as the Paris COP was in delivering a historic climate agreement, the biggest challenge now is putting the Paris Agreement (PA) to work — or “operationalizing” it — in a quick manner so that countries can begin implementing their national climate plans, known as National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

That daunting task first falls to climate negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany this week, where they’ll begin to hammer out some …

Latest Paris Text Shows Emergence of a REDD+ Package

The latest draft Paris agreement text released today shows that negotiators have made significant progress this week. Since the ADP co-chairs released the last version on Sunday, we’ve seen major reductions in the number of pages (from 47 to 29), options, and brackets (down 79%). And when the text was presented to countries today, no one immediately objected to the text – a good sign, history shows. Countries and NGOs are currently reviewing the draft agreement, and they will reconvene …