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Timber Imports from Conflict Countries to EU Increasing

EU timber imports from conflict countries, which are at high risk of being illegal, have increased 14 percent, despite the European Union’s Timber Regulation (EUTR) legislation’s requirement that companies ensure that only legal timber enters the EU market, according to a new Forest Trends report.

The Forest Trends brief analyzes 2015 trade data reported by European governments (the most recent full trade data available). It finds that across the EU, import levels of timber from conflict countries differ significantly, but …

How REDD+ Can Help Countries Recovering from Armed Conflict

For almost all forest-rich countries, a major impediment in reversing patterns of deforestation has been weak institutions that have weak rule of law. That becomes an even greater obstacle in countries with a history of armed conflict.

A new Forest Trends analysis of countries supported by the U.N.’s Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) program finds that, since the first REDD+ commitments were announced in Bali in 2007, more than half of participating countries have experienced organized armed …

China’s Logging Ban Impacts Not Just Its Own Forestry Industry, but Others around the World as Well

At first glance, Chinas newly announced plans to expand bans on logging in its natural forests and to cut the countrys overall timber harvesting quotas may sound like good news for the environment. But when Forest Trends looked into the ramifications of some of the policies laid out in Chinas new Five-Year Plan, heres what we found:

This month, the Government of China released its 13th Five-Year Plan, which lays the …