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By Pulling out of Paris Agreement, Donald Trump Offers U.S. Farmers a Bad Deal

U.S. President Donald Trump seems ready to punish his own supporters once again – this time by pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, depriving U.S. farmers and private forest owners of billions of dollars in income.

To understand that figure, first try to remember your high school biology: specifically, the part about how plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, storing the carbon in their trunks and roots. Because of this capacity, healthy forests, farms, and …

Climate Negotiators Roll Up Their Sleeves in Bonn, With or Without the U.S.

As the next round of climate talks get underway in Bonn, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the United States government will stay in the Paris Agreement – and, if so, under what conditions. Many expect the Trump Administration to reach a final verdict any day now, and its decision will obviously have profound effects that reach far beyond this week’s negotiations. But, as always, the show must go on, and negotiators in Bonn will continue hammering out important …

Forests Win Big in the Paris Agreement

The global climate agreement reached in Paris marks a historic moment for forests as they are now enshrined in international climate action. All countries agreed on simple but strong language that operationalizes forest protection and flips the ‘on’ switch for the international finance to make it happen. It also brings in the necessary technical and scientific rules to make sure there is the blueprint to build national forest protection plans. In doing so, they expanded the opportunities for forests to …

Latest Paris Text Shows Emergence of a REDD+ Package

The latest draft Paris agreement text released today shows that negotiators have made significant progress this week. Since the ADP co-chairs released the last version on Sunday, we’ve seen major reductions in the number of pages (from 47 to 29), options, and brackets (down 79%). And when the text was presented to countries today, no one immediately objected to the text – a good sign, history shows. Countries and NGOs are currently reviewing the draft agreement, and they will reconvene …

New UN Draft Text Signals Smooth Sailing at COP21, for Now

On Thursday morning, the UNFCCC injected a bit of excitement into an otherwise quiet mid-week at COP21 when it released the most recent draft of the negotiating text. The revised version (comprised of the overarching draft agreement and the accompanying decisions) looks a lot like its predecessor. From the perspective of forests, that’s really not a bad thing, since that earlier version already mentioned them in the mitigation and finance sections.

One of the primary objectives heading into the first …

Why Does Paris Matter?

Negotiators meeting in Paris for COP21, the international climate talks under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), are facing a tall order as they begin talks tomorrow morning. Their to-do list looks something like this:

  • Finalize the text for a binding global climate agreement;
  • Provide incentives for as many countries as possible to join;
  • Put in place systems that facilitate global emissions reductions – from all sources – as quickly as possible;
  • Ensure the transfer of billions

Update from Bonn: Things Just Got a Little More Complicated

The final pre-COP21 negotiations in Bonn are scheduled to wrap up this evening. The co-chairs have been busy inserting changes to the draft text and have presented it to countries, many of whom welcomed it and said it was party-driven and can serve as the basis of negotiations in Paris. This week’s negotiations have brought progress on some fronts: as reported earlier this week, REDD+ – which previously had been omitted from the draft agreement text – is now again

The Return of REDD+ Signals Good News from Bonn

REDD+ is back! After much fireworks, REDD+ countries led by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations succeeded in putting forest protection back into the negotiating text for the Paris climate talks. To the consternation of many countries and conservation groups, REDD+ was no longer explicitly mentioned in the most recent version of the draft agreement to be reviewed at the upcoming COP in Paris.

“Surgical Insertions”

Yesterday the latest climate negotiations got underway in Bonn, Germany. The main issue on the …

On the Road to Paris. Next Stop: Bonn, June 2015

Climate negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany next week are under pressure to make significant progress and set the stage for a global deal in Paris later this year. Special meetings focusing on the draft of an overall global climate deal have been added to the usual June agenda of scientific and technical issues.

Countries already have started adding their preferred options on some of the key issues, including the overall temperature goal, the legal framework, transparency issues, mitigation, finance and …