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Six Asian Countries Take Steps to Regulate Imports of Illegal Timber Products

In the past 12 months, Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia have all taken steps to develop import regulations designed to keep illegally logged timber out of their markets. In most cases, timber import regulations give governments the power to penalize companies that trade in illegal timber. The new Asian regulations – when operational – will join the US, EU, and Australia which have similar legislation already in place, and together, have the potential to create …

Deepening Collaboration: Aligning Private Sector and Government Commitments to Tackle Deforestation

When it comes to reducing deforestation, companies and national governments tend to operate in their respective silos. Effectively reducing forest loss, however, will require collaboration between both corporations and governments. According to a recently published report, Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation: Aligning Corporate and National Commitments in Brazil and Indonesia, companies and governments are beginning to work together toward their shared goals of reducing deforestation.

Collaboration Toward Zero Deforestation

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The report presents case studies that explore …

Climate Negotiators Roll Up Their Sleeves in Bonn, With or Without the U.S.

As the next round of climate talks get underway in Bonn, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the United States government will stay in the Paris Agreement – and, if so, under what conditions. Many expect the Trump Administration to reach a final verdict any day now, and its decision will obviously have profound effects that reach far beyond this week’s negotiations. But, as always, the show must go on, and negotiators in Bonn will continue hammering out important …

Amazonian Tribe Shares the Secret of Treating Snake Bites

What are the biggest hazards of life in the Amazon rainforest? Many outsiders might peg snakes at the top of the list: the region is home to dozens of venomous snakes, among other fearsome reptiles, fish, insects, and mammals.

But the Yawanawa, a tribe of 1,250 people living at the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, have never regarded snakes as much cause for alarm – not even those whose fangs pack a potent punch. In fact, the community hasn’t seen …

Green Infrastructure Key to Solving 21st Century Water Crises

Cities and communities all over the world are facing severe water crises. Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing its worst drought in decades; and while California is finally seeing its parched reservoirs being refilled, the intensity and fierceness of the storms bringing this relief also harbor new dangers, triggering mudslides, flooding, blizzards, and avalanches – thereby putting lives at risk. Intense and erratic weather patterns such as these put much of our natural infrastructure at risk, and, among other things, make access …

Supply Change 2016 Findings Report Webinar Q&A: Decoding Corporate Commitments to Reduce Deforestation

With the world’s attention trained on climate as governments begin ratifying the Paris Agreement in greater numbers, more and more companies are stepping up to the plate to do their part by minimizing the harmful impact of their operations on the world’s most crucial carbon sponges – forests. The newest report from Forest Trends’ Supply Change project – Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforesation-free Supply Chains, 2016 – tracks progress on 579 corporate commitments to reduce forest destruction tied to …

Amazon Cuisine Can Spark a New “Rainforest to Table” Movement

What do rainforests, local village traditions, and high cuisine have in common?

Chefs and other creative thinkers are planting the seeds of a “Rainforest to Table” movement that combines food production and forest protection – saving the Amazon’s forests and nourishing its people.

IMG_2808Latin American chefs and non-profit organizations, including Forest Trends and Canopy Bridge, are exploring new ways to bring the Amazon’s vast pantry of healthy ingredients and traditional cuisines to tables in indigenous villages and …

Forests Can Help Bridge Pre-2020 Climate Action Gap

The Paris global climate accord agreed to by all 195 nations of the world represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to avoid the worst effects of climate change. For the first time ever, both developed and developing countries have put forth voluntary pledges to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and have agreed to accurately and transparently account for and report on their annual emissions and identify the steps they are taking to reduce their carbon pollution.

However, …

Can Farms, Forests, and Grasslands Help U.S. Fight Climate Change?

Last December, when the gavel came down in Paris to seal the global climate change agreement, hundreds on hand to see the historic moment thrust their arms into the air in a moment of jubilation. At the same time, back here in the U.S. climate policy experts may have been throwing their arms up in exasperation as they watched domestic climate policies increasingly jeopardized.

A new report by Forest Trends and the Nicholas Institute at Duke University, “Building Carbon

New UN Draft Text Signals Smooth Sailing at COP21, for Now

On Thursday morning, the UNFCCC injected a bit of excitement into an otherwise quiet mid-week at COP21 when it released the most recent draft of the negotiating text. The revised version (comprised of the overarching draft agreement and the accompanying decisions) looks a lot like its predecessor. From the perspective of forests, that’s really not a bad thing, since that earlier version already mentioned them in the mitigation and finance sections.

One of the primary objectives heading into the first …