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Climate Negotiators Roll Up Their Sleeves in Bonn, With or Without the U.S.

As the next round of climate talks get underway in Bonn, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the United States government will stay in the Paris Agreement – and, if so, under what conditions. Many expect the Trump Administration to reach a final verdict any day now, and its decision will obviously have profound effects that reach far beyond this week’s negotiations. But, as always, the show must go on, and negotiators in Bonn will continue hammering out important …

Slow Strides in Building the Paris Agreement Rulebook

Picking up where climate negotiators left off in Paris last December, the recent UN climate meetings in Bonn ended with slow progress on procedural issues, and as expected, there were no major substantive decisions. Bonn provided a forum for the bodies within the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that deal with the technical and scientific aspects of climate negotiations, and its primary focus was to begin the unglamorous, yet critically important, work of creating the rules that will govern …

The Next Challenge – How to Make the Paris Agreement Work

Paris gave us the blueprint and the political signal

As important as the Paris COP was in delivering a historic climate agreement, the biggest challenge now is putting the Paris Agreement (PA) to work — or “operationalizing” it — in a quick manner so that countries can begin implementing their national climate plans, known as National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

That daunting task first falls to climate negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany this week, where they’ll begin to hammer out some …

Update from Bonn: Things Just Got a Little More Complicated

The final pre-COP21 negotiations in Bonn are scheduled to wrap up this evening. The co-chairs have been busy inserting changes to the draft text and have presented it to countries, many of whom welcomed it and said it was party-driven and can serve as the basis of negotiations in Paris. This week’s negotiations have brought progress on some fronts: as reported earlier this week, REDD+ – which previously had been omitted from the draft agreement text – is now again

The Return of REDD+ Signals Good News from Bonn

REDD+ is back! After much fireworks, REDD+ countries led by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations succeeded in putting forest protection back into the negotiating text for the Paris climate talks. To the consternation of many countries and conservation groups, REDD+ was no longer explicitly mentioned in the most recent version of the draft agreement to be reviewed at the upcoming COP in Paris.

“Surgical Insertions”

Yesterday the latest climate negotiations got underway in Bonn, Germany. The main issue on the …

Bonn Climate Talks Make Progress, REDD+ Is the Big Winner in June 2015

Climate negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany, during the past 2 weeks made significant progress for a global deal in Paris later this year. Special meetings focusing on the draft of an overall global climate deal were added to the usual June agenda of scientific and technical issues. Although progress on REDD+ was expected to be minimal, country negotiators reached a surprise agreement on a REDD+ mechanism under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“The Bonn meetings resulted in …

Surprising Development at UN Climate Meetings: REDD+ Is Finished

After 10 years of negotiations, countries today at the SBSTA meeting in Bonn unexpectedly agreed on the remaining three items that were on the agenda for REDD+.  Together with previous COP decisions, all major REDD+ elements have now been agreed to and there is sufficient guidance for implementation. (You can find the draft decision text here.)

The three items on the SBSTA agenda for REDD+ – additional safeguard guidance, non-carbon benefits, and non-market approaches – were the last remaining …

On the Road to Paris. Next Stop: Bonn, June 2015

Climate negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany next week are under pressure to make significant progress and set the stage for a global deal in Paris later this year. Special meetings focusing on the draft of an overall global climate deal have been added to the usual June agenda of scientific and technical issues.

Countries already have started adding their preferred options on some of the key issues, including the overall temperature goal, the legal framework, transparency issues, mitigation, finance and …